Where The Weird Things Are Volume 1

Review in from Aurealis Magazine for Where The Weird Things Are Volume 1. Edited by Clare Rhoden and Austin P. Sheehan. Published by Deadset Press. (Available here: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Weird-Things-Are-Fantastic/dp/0645022853 …Other stories are enjoyable, speculative romps. Geraldine Borella’s ‘Ghosts of the Inland Sea’ is a stand-out – pairing academic infighting with vengeful dinosaur ghosts… Michaela Teschendorff Harden,Continue reading “Where The Weird Things Are Volume 1”


A Young Adult Climate Fiction Anthology Dust Makers: people, machines, attitudes, evidence Who are we when the stakes are our survival and the change makers might be us? My science fiction story, Lost Soul, follows young draggernaut pilot Halley Rutherford as she navigates the positives and negatives of her role in the galactic mining industry.Continue reading “DUST MAKERS”

Midnight Echo Issue 16

Midnight Echo 16 is out now and available through Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09M696ZZY My story, Hatchling, set on a crocodile farm in Pormpurraw, Far North Queensland, features in it. The story came about after listening to some tall tales from an ex-crocodile farmer and after hearing a retelling of an actual feed taking place. Of course, everythingContinue reading “Midnight Echo Issue 16”

The Opposite of Disappearing

Short Stories in Uncertain Times Edited by Laura Norris & R.A. Stephens Published by Rhiza Edge A homeless boy walks the city in search of a prized possession. A couple wakes to a day where the sun refuses to rise. Two housemates, reeling from the loss of their friend, are saddled with the care ofContinue reading “The Opposite of Disappearing”


Coming Soon: Crossed Spaces Posted by Rhiza Edge on 19th Dec 2020 We are pleased to announce the winners of Crossed Spaces! Congratulations to: Adele Jones, Anne Hamilton, Catriona McKeown, Emily Larkin, Geraldine Borella, Janeen Samuel, Jennie Del Mastro, Jennifer Horn, Jo Hart, Jonathan E. Furneaux, Lynne Stringer, Jack Garrety, Penny Jaye, Rosanne Hawke, RussellContinue reading “CROSSED SPACES”