A Young Adult Climate Fiction Anthology


Dust Makers: people, machines, attitudes, evidence

Who are we when the stakes are our survival and the change makers might be us?

My science fiction story, Lost Soul, follows young draggernaut pilot Halley Rutherford as she navigates the positives and negatives of her role in the galactic mining industry. How much influence can one person have on a mining behemoth like AsterResources? A lot, it seems.

Dust Makers is a collection of thirteen young adult stories by Australian authors that examines the impact we have on our environment. Can the choices and decisions we make effect a difference? How can we contribute to the health of our planet, now and into the future?

Covering a wide range of genres and settings—from historical to dystopian, sci-fi to contemporary—Dust Makers explores themes of sustainability and environmental legacy. What kind of world do we want to leave our future generations?

Edited by Penny Jaye and RA Stephens, Dust Makers is published by Rhiza Edge/Wombat Books and is available for pre-order now. https://wombatrhiza.com.au/dust-makers/

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