“Hand & Heart”

Midnight Echo 17, The Magazine of the Australasian Horror Writers Association

Edited by Greg Chapman

Midnight Echo 17

Goodreads Review: thanks to Cameron Trost (Author and Editor at Black Beacon Books)

It’s hard to believe this is Greg Chapman’s very first foray into the wonderful world of editing. Welcome aboard, mate, and let’s hope you have the opportunity to stitch together a host of other horror magazines and anthologies in the future. Greg’s hand can be felt steering the prose and verse collected here from start to finish; there’s his trademark penchant for tales of descent, madness, and torture in which the supernatural is blurred with the psychological.

Issue 17 of Midnight Echo had me enjoying the fiction of both familiar names and authors whose work I’d not yet encountered. Mark Towse’s “The Fruits of Labour” is the standout story in this issue, both haunting and horrifying the reader, and no doubt hitting close to home for many a fellow writer, while Matthew R. Davis shows us what it means to have a monster for a father and Claire Fitzpatrick doesn’t fail to disappoint (as usual) with “The Lighthouse”, a domestic thriller inspired by a grim real-life discovery. But let’s not forget to mention one of the new names, for this reader at least; Geraldine Borella’s “Hand and Heart” is a mind-bending tale that will have you questioning everything you think you know about everyone in your life, and the final line of dialogue is a ripper.

Congratulations to Greg Chapman and all the team on Midnight Echo #17.https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/61759163#CommunityReviews

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